I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning Hindi to take up Nidhi as your tutor. Every lesson is tailored to our needs and prepared in advance which let’s us maximize the benefit of one on one tuition over the group alternatives one can find. Whilst she is fun to be around she is also disciplined and motivates you to work hard despite busy work commitments. I am really pleased with the progress making and grateful for the efforts she makes to help me.

Vikram Kumar
works for TT international, London

I am a 50 year old English woman and have been having Hindi lessons with Nidhi for a few months. I have two children still at home and my work is scattered around various parts of London - so I have a very busy schedule. I am learning the script and the spoken language, both of which are new to me. Because the language is very unfamiliar to me I rely heavily on Nidhi for guidance. Nidhi has been able to adapt her teaching skills to my learning style - which to begin with is slow as I have to understand the basics very thoroughly before moving from one stage to the next. I have mastered the script and mantras but still need a lot more practice as I am very slow at writing and reading. At the moment I am working with simple tenses and useful phrases to develop the spoken language. I feel that I have learnt a great deal in the last few months and I look forward to being able to talk about basic concepts with my Hindi speaking friends in the not too distant future.

Christine Godwin
Experience in yoga and spritualism

Nidhi uses a structured and patient approach to teaching Hindi. I have used other teachers in the past but what makes her stand out is her excellent command of both English and Hindi, and her ability to explain grammar in both languages is key to learning effectively. The progress I am making keeps me motivated to keep learning from her!

Meenesh Pattni

Nidhi has been giving my kids Hindi for over a year now and she is an excellent teacher. The kids enjoy their lessons and continue to learn in a fun and interesting way. She is very patient and methodical, and I would highly recommend her.

Kiran Vaswani
Mother of two children who are students

Miss Nidhi is a lovely, patient and creative teacher. My son was initially reluctant to learn a new language, but with the assistance and patience of Miss Nidhi, he is really learning Hindi, and now at aged six even corrects me!
Hiring Miss Nidhi was the best decision I have ever made. My son is now confident in his language ability and it's all thanks to his teacher!

Dina Khandalawala

Helen NattrassNidhi Chohan – Teacher of Hindi

Before my first visit to India, I wanted to learn some Hindi to help with conversation in formal situations, social situations and travel. Nidhi taught me privately for about 12 weeks. Firstly she really knows about her own language, its grammar and syntax. Secondly she understands how to present Hindi in the context of the English Language, to be understood from the point of view of a native English speaker. I found Nidhi’s lessons very focussed. They went at my speed and concentrated on my problems. Though study-time was short I found what I learned very useful in India. Everyone was very pleased I could say something, and say it correctly in one of their own languages – even the taxi drivers! My modest ability in Hindi put my hosts at ease and they appreciated my efforts in speaking.

I would recommend Nidhi Chohan to anyone thinking of learning Hindi. You will learn correctly from a most sympathetic teacher.

Helen Nattrass

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