About Fluent Forever

Nidhi, the principal tutor, offers Hindi Language lessons for students at all levels – from beginners to advanced. She also provides private tuitions to students who study Hindi language as a part of their curriculum in their schools and universities.

The lesson is designed to suit the needs and abilities of each and every individual. The lesson can be completely tailor made according to the wishes of the students.

There are several courses starting from a general course which includes three levels of learning

(Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced).  The lesson can be a one to one lesson for better learning and understanding, group lesson, short intensive Hindi language course , course  for knowledge about the Indian Culture along with language skills, Corporate Hindi Language Lessons .

Contact Nidhi to discuss about your needs and abilities in terms of learning the language. This provides every individual with a chance to get some knowledge on how to begin and where to begin.

Nidhi is a Lawyer by profession and was born and brought up in India. After having practiced law for a couple of years in India she moved to the United Kingdom in the year 2007 and pursued her Masters in International Commercial Law from University of Westminster.

She has worked in a very prestigious law firm in her country which has added another dimension to her knowledge about the Hindi Language.

Apart from her knowledge and communication skills in Hindi it is her love for her country and the passion for this language which inspired her to share her knowledge with the world through teaching.

Before each lesson, the tutor prepares notes for students along with some question and answer exercise, translation exercise & script writing practice in order to give the student a better understanding of the language. The lesson will focus on listening and speaking for those not learning to write. For those who are keen on learning the script, it will focus on four aspects, listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The tutor can provide with different types of books for Hindi learning, dictionary, script writing and learning books etc. which are very useful. They are available at a price upon request.

The language lessons will be tailored to your exact needs and objectives, making it a personal solution for you. Any questions or problems can be addressed immediately avoiding any scope of misunderstanding and allowing you to progress quickly and build on what you know.

Each lesson will be at the right time and at the right level for you. Your tutor will move onto new subjects topics only when you are ready and go at exactly the pace you need or want.

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